20% Off in Store / The Brand 2022

Happy New year to all our loyal customers! I hope you started off the year with a plan of action and a new mindset to take on your biggest year yet! 🤗

We have been busy trying to plan out this years steps month to month and we are about to do bigger and better things than we did last year.

Online Store.

Let’s start with the online store. Something that has only been in affect for a few years but another arm to the brand that is growing in numbers. We currently have our family range showing which has been our main focus. Being a family of 6 we wanted to show something that would represent every member in the house. From t-shirts to head wear, Hoodies and Jumpers have all been our favourite things to wear for all weathers as a family. As we are heading into a new year we have decided to do 20% off this January whilst stock lasts. So be sure to get involved soon!


This year we are planning to release our newest line which will be dedicated to those who love to travel. Giving a unique look to all ages whilst maintaining a family value. Travel Inc will be split into 3 areas, looking at our 14 - 21 section first entitled “TravelGang”

be sure to look out for when this comes into play very soon 🔜

Sports Sessions

One of the main things we do as a brand is Sports sessions for children and young people aged 5-18 (and sometimes below and above that age group) tailoring sessions from fundamental sports to focused group sessions such as basketball, dodgeball, football and as far as athletics to give an advantage on experiencing sports.

Our coaching team are always developing new ideas and skills to make sessions as enjoyable but education as possible.

Since starting Sports For Kids in 2013 we have worked with well over 2000 young people across the West Midlands and 10 Organisations to deliver sports ⛹🏾⚽️🏸🏏🚴🏾‍♂️


Another arm to our brand is our behaviour mentoring program which has been working really well across all our schools we are currently in. We look at giving young people a voice through building confidence and self esteem in group sessions or one to one. We are working with all different young people across the West Midlands and enjoying meeting and motivating individuals to think 💭 bigger and strive for better!

One to One Football Development

They normally say “We’ll leave the best ‘till last” but in this case, it’s certainly not the last thing but for now it is something very dear to our hearts ❤️ we started off Sports For Kids delivering Football sessions across birmingham in youth centres and after school clubs. Since growing the company/brand we haven’t dedicated as much time to our football sessions as we would like. However, we have been able to bring back delivering these sessions for children who express a desire to play football on all levels of the game.

We have dedicated our Saturday mornings to delivering our One to One sessions between 9:30am and 12:30pm via booking on our online system.


This year we plan to deliver another Holiday program somewhere within the West Midlands. Plans are ongoing to get this project off the ground as quickly as possible, displaying our sports teams ability to create fun and engaging sessions for young people aged 7-12.

We will also be utilising our social media and YouTube channels a lot more over the next 12 months so be sure to look out for that…

With that being said, we have got our hands full this year to make sure we deliver on our word!

Feel free to give us feedback on how we are doing and what you would like to see us do next!

Welcome 2022 🥳🙂

Sports For Kids

Instagram: @SportsForKidsuk

Twitter: @SportsForKids_ Facebook: Sports For Kids Uk

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