About us... Sports For Kids

Sports For Kids is a family run business that provides bespoke sports and mentoring sessions for young people of all ages. With 15 years experience of working with various age groups and providing youth focused sports & mentoring sessions.

The company was founded by Daniel and Tammy Bowen-Smith who both came from different career paths. Daniel has been working in the sports industry for over 15 years, working with professional football clubs to non-profit organisations whilst Tammy has worked in account management for over 18 years.

In 2013 Sports For Kids began its journey. Our main goal is to motivate young people to understand their purpose and be the best they can be, truly accepting that “Anything Is Possible!”

Ok, That's the official statement... Now hear it from me.

"I Started this company to make a difference. I was never interested in the starting a "COMPANY" I just wanted to make kids feel confident within themselves as well as understand that their future matters most to them and if they can understand that, then their future will be a lot better than what they see in front of them.

I was no spring chicken when I was young. Maths and science were not my favourite subjects. Even languages I had no interest in, BUT I knew the value they would hold to what life would throw at me so I tried my best in them.

On a daily basis I see children and young people act up because someone told them "They are not good for nothing, You're never going to be any different or the classic one... You're find out when you're older." Let's not wait until they get there, let's help them from now! Thats what Sports For Kids is all about...

We bang on about the next generation being our future but, fail to support it. The world that I knew has changed. Go to School, go to college, go to university, do your masters and in 10 years you will have the job you want.... wait WHAT!?

Today's view is, start a business at 12 whilst I'm going to school, invest my money and by the time I'm 16 I can be my own boss... WAIT WHAT!?

From a parents point of view let's focus on making our children the best they can be and show them the pot holes in life. Your job is not to force your dreams and hopes on to them but to guide them to a better future. I tell my Kids that they are better than me fo the opportunities they will have due to the opportunities I never. Meaning... I'm going to help you based off my experiences of failure to help you grow on your own and experience on your own. This is what Sports For Kids is all about, helping children and young people though Sports and Mentoring and letting them know EVERYTHING you dream of can become reality.

Signed.... Daniel Bowen-Smith

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