How’s Homeschooling Going?

It’s not an easy task, and we’re confident that parents are getting a little dose of what teachers go through with a class of 24+ students on an hourly basis whilst delivering a long and engaging day on a Wednesday never mind the rest of the week!

As a parent, we’re use to seeing our kids on set times, morning once they wake up get ready to start the day, have their breakfast and then we’re off to drop them to school. Then we pick them up and get ready for dinner time and then their off to bed. The weekends is the only time we actually have time to engage with our children through activities such as football games, gymnastics, family gatherings or even places of faith. So this pandemic has REALLY thrown things out of whack.

But through the madness of getting our 5 year old to sit down to learn or having to deal with an impossible maths equation for the 9 year old, we understand that their future is very important and they shouldn’t suffer just because they can’t get into the school. Supporting their education right now is a must! For them moving forward. The education system as WE knew it has officially gone and we now have to adapt with the NOW not what was...

Stay strong parents, guardians, young people, children! Let’s work this out together