Life of a Teen in Lockdown

Lockdown has brought stress to everyones heads and the summer we were hoping for is potentially cancelled again but heres whats happened since the start of 2020!

I became social media marketing manager last year and although it was a slow start i was able to bring ideas to fusion. The store has taken dramatic turns, stripping it of its lines and promoting our main 2: TravelGang and the Rio line, Travel Gang is more up to speed with the Urban style whilst Rio is more family based.

Everyone has had to sacrifice and shift priorities to put into the family business. We openly share the brand as a family run business because every member has evenly put their efforts in from the man of the house: Daniel, to the baby of the house: Nehemiah.

Lockdown is the take off for the online world, if you’re not careful you will miss the flight! With the world becoming more virtual everyday, you need to make exploring the online world a priority, the world is changing! Whether you have a big dream or small fun idea, online is the place to manifest, creating something new and unique. leave your legacy.

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