Maintaining a Healthy You!

When it comes to taking care of yourself (or self-care), there should be no question about whether or not it's a priority. It absolutely should be!

Self-care is equally as important as going to work, studying, taking exams, managing your finances or even, raising a family.

If your day-to-day looks hectic, it's important to take five minutes away from your rigid routine – take time out for yourself, whatever that looks and feels like to you.

Eat Well

There’s nothing like eating fresh food as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Visiting a farm shop is a great place to start or if you know somebody that has an allotment or herb garden, even better.

Eating well is about more than meeting the 5-a-day minimum of fruit and veg - ingredients such as garlic, lemons and even turmeric (to name a few), are natural and are loaded with vitamins, so these are great as part of your diet.

Supermarkets are convenient and sometimes we don’t even know where we would be without a quick trip to our local convenience store - they host a whole selection of healthy alternatives to sweet treats, so you can enjoy a guilt-free shopping trip.

When it comes to eating well, making good food choices, is important for self-care.

Sleep Well

If the snooze button is your best friend, maybe you should try getting to bed just a little bit earlier to help you combat those early morning blues.

Some days, there might be genuine reasons why going to bed early just will not work and if you have a family or need to finish off that report for work, having a one-off late night is understandable.

Don’t fall into bad habits like, eating the wrong sort of food well into the midnight hour while working on your laptop, binge-watching a good TV show night after night or taking your phone to bed and scrolling through social media posts.

If anything is going to rob you of a good night sleep and you find yourself always needing to adjust your sleep pattern, it’s no fun and you’re doing yourself no favours!

Make, a good night’s sleep, part of your self-care routine.

Stay Active

Exercise is important for physical and mental wellbeing and running a vacuum around the house doesn’t count! That’s all well and good but it’s hardly intentional exercise is it?!

Going to the gym isn’t for everyone but if you enjoy a good workout session, then go to the gym. If you enjoy dancing, then do a dance workout. If you enjoy walking, then go for a walk. What’s important is staying active as much as possible.

Ok so, staying active also means being realistic about your workout routine and laying time aside to achieve your fitness goals.

For many of us, exercise helps to build self-esteem, self-confidence and helps maintain a good mental state and besides that, staying active and enjoying a good workout, can be so much fun.

Make staying active, part of your self-care routine.

And make your self-care routine, part of your lifestyle!

Thanks for reading.


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