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As a business Sports For Kids helps young people achieve their goals no matter how big or small. Focusing on such areas as self belief, confidence and self-esteem, our fun active sports sessions and one to one football sessions are designed to suit the needs of each individual whilst our one to one or group mentoring sessions help bridge the gap between individuals from all walks of life. Many young people face challenges that adults today have not experienced. Our purpose is not to dictate but to coach through life skills to help young people move forward.


Our sports programme is designed to give children a first hand experience of different sports within a school setting. Each sport is tailor made to suit the individual needs of the children.

The programme focuses on 4 core areas, balance, agility, co-ordination and movement. The emphasis is to work on these skills in a fun and challenging way to give children and young people a positive experience in sports.

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How do you build confidence and self-esteem in young people? 

Similar to our mentoring Through Sports (MTS) program, we cover a number of topics that can be seen as taboo areas. This allows a young person to gain greater understanding of their surroundings and who they are instead of remaining naive and ignorant to them, which improves maturity and attitude towards others.


Enjoy our tailored one to one program designed to develop children and young people's ability on and off the ball. 

From fitness drills to shooting drills and more. Our FA qualified coaches provide a unique session to improve your game.  



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