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About Us

Sports For Kids, a family-operated venture, offers tailored sports and mentoring programs catering to children and young people across all ages. With a decade and a half of collective experience in engaging diverse age cohorts through youth-centric sports and mentoring initiatives, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Founded by Daniel and Tammy Bowen-Smith, each hailing from distinct professional backgrounds, our genesis stems from their combined passion for nurturing young talent. Daniel's extensive tenure within the sports realm, spanning from professional football clubs to non-profit organizations, pairs seamlessly with Tammy's 18-year tenure in account management. Since our inception in 2013, Sports For Kids has remained committed to our core objective: inspiring youth to recognize their potential and strive for excellence, underpinned by the belief that "Anything Is Possible!"

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Sports Coaching

Our Sports coaching sessions foster a culture of athleticism, teamwork, and personal growth among students. Our experienced coaches bring passion, expertise, and a dedication to excellence to every session. Through a combination of skill-building games, tactical training, and friendly competitions, we aim to instill a love for sports and physical activity while developing key attributes such as discipline, resilience, and sportsmanship. Whether it's on the field, court, or track, our goal is to inspire students to push their limits, work collaboratively with their peers, and strive for continuous improvement. By promoting a positive and supportive environment, we empower students to discover their strengths, overcome challenges, and achieve their full potential both athletically and academically.

Behaviour Mentoring

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities students face within the educational landscape. Our tailored approach focuses on fostering holistic growth, nurturing individual strengths, and providing personalised support to address specific needs. Through one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and interactive activities, we empower students to unlock their full potential, build resilience, and cultivate essential life skills. Our experienced mentors are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment where students feel valued, heard, and supported on their journey towards personal and academic success. By collaborating closely with schools, parents, and students, we strive to create meaningful and impactful mentoring experiences that inspire growth, confidence, and a lifelong love for learning.


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Our Happy Clients

"Have worked with Sports For Kids for over 7 years and have had the privilege of having a strong professional relationship with them. The work they do with young people is great!"

Karac Boldic, Senior Youth Worker

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