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Sports For Kids is a family run business that provides bespoke sports and mentoring sessions for young people of all ages. With 15 years experience of working with various age groups and providing youth focused sports & mentoring sessions.

The company was founded by Daniel and Tammy Bowen-Smith who both came from different career paths. Daniel has been working in the sports industry for over 15 years, working with professional football clubs to non-profit organisations whilst Tammy has worked in account management for over 18 years.

In 2013 Sports For Kids began its journey. Our main goal is to motivate young people to understand their purpose and be the best they can be, truly accepting that “Anything Is Possible!”

Our Commitment

We believe that every person who works with us deserves the very best that we can offer. We understand that each company is unique, but our commitment and expectations will remain the same. We strive to be the best we can possibly be in every sense of the word.

This approach is underpinned by our values, which are supported by our core behaviours; 

Our values are an expression of how we expect all our staff to behave to achieve our mission.

While our ultimate aim is to give our very best in every session we deliver, we want you to experience and benefit from that same level of inspiration and motivation to challenge and develop yourself and your career so you can better support every child, young person, teacher and parent you come into contact with.

Working with us, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work across all our schools in Birmingham and Sandwell to enhance your skills and experience at both primary and secondary level.

  • Go through a structured induction to ensure you receive the information, guidance and support you need to perform your role. 

  • Train and collaborate with staff across the company.

  • Develop your coaching and mentoring style within the company.

We want to make sure we support you in the workplace, promoting a happy and healthy work environment for all.

Roles With us

More Than Just Sport

Sports Sessions At HolyHead on Multi SPo
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We're Hiring 

Positions held; 

Sports Coach 

Behaviour Mentor

Play Leader

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