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Behaviour Mentoring

One to One Engagement 

Having an ear to listen is something all young people need. Our confidential One to One engagement program helps build trust, understanding and patience whilst giving young people a voice to be heard in the right way.

No Boots No Game - 1 (5 of 67)_edited.jpg

Mentoring Through Sports

Tailor made program designed to fit in with the children we are working with that term getting right to the core of the issues and working with children and young people to help them see the bigger picture.

The program splits into two sections, first we engage in class room style workshops talking about various subjects and coming to a conclusion on the day. Then, we replicate our learnings in a sporting situation outside of the classroom building our confidence and understanding.

Group Mentoring

Working with like minded others to build children and young peoples confidence  & self-esteem whilst looking at taboo topics that they face in their every day life.

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