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Becoming Mummy

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

My name is Amy and I am the eldest of 4 and a new mom. Becoming a mom is such a challenging yet beautiful experience. It has taught me patience and empowered me to understand what’s really important in life. The late nights and early mornings, tears of joy and tears of tiredness, I wouldn’t trade it for any other experience. She is my whole heart walking around outside of my body and all I want to do is protect and give her all the love I possibly can. It’s difficult when you’re forced to change your priorities and unlearn selfish behaviours but I can honestly say it is the most rewarding and fulfilling thing: to become someone’s mommy.

From finding out I was pregnant to giving birth and now 6 weeks on, living with her everyday, has taken a toll on me physically, emotionally and mentally and has pushed me to my absolute limit, with that I have learnt things about myself and grown so much as a person! I am thankful for my healthy beautiful daughter and I will cherish and protect her, I endeavour to do her proud for the rest of my life. There is added pressure when you’re the eldest as the young children see everything I do, every decision I make, every behaviour I practise... It’s important for my siblings to look on and see me doing the right thing, however it also has to be the right thing for me and my daughter, so this definitely contributes to being a new mom and the eldest of 4 children. I think being raised in a loving and Christian household has helped with this, it’s helped me to know I’m not perfect and to own all my flaws whilst fully understanding my whole worth, it’s taught me to understand I must remain a strong woman but that I also have a support system that will never fail me, it’s taught me to love with everything but protect my heart with everything and more, it has equipped me with the values and morals I hope to walk with all my life and I wish to instil this in my daughter, so that she grows to understand she can be or do anything she wants, and she will always always have her beautiful family right by her side. They have been my biggest support in every way and being at home during this life changing experience has been amazing, I couldn’t be more grateful for my beautiful family and the new addition. We are busy leaving our legacy, and a beautiful legacy at that x

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